Kent Breazeale

Kent Breazeale has loved the art of story telling since he was a young boy. He has written many short stories, poems and wedding vows, and has been published in Church magazines. Kent has a collection of short stories that illustrate his natural art of storytelling.

Kent and his wife Deb served as missionaries in the remote village of Bullima on the plains of Tanzania, East Africa. They currently live in Falkner, Mississippi with their adopted lab Harley.

Kent’s Titles:

The Chosen One
The Chosen One is free short story that gives readers a sampling of Kent’s voice and style.  In less than 3k words, The Chosen One is a poignant story illustrating the innocent hope of a child, unconditional love, loss, and finally acceptance as a young disabled boy comes to realize that blood is not always thicker than water.

What readers are saying about The Chosen One:

“…loved it from the start…can’t wait to read more of Kent’s work!!!” Tina S., 5 stars

“From the opening line, I wanted to know what had happened. The story was artfully crafted and interesting. It was emotional without gimmicks. As a southerner, I thought the dialect was realistic and understandable. A very good piece of writing.” Donny H., 5 stars

“What a great way to be introduced to the South. The dialogue was very interesting to a born Yankee. Tears at the end of a very well told story. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all.” Maggie L., 5 stars

“Loved it, even tho’ it made me cry. Great writing.” Stella W.

“What an awesome story! Can’t wait for the writer to come out with more!” Brandy C., 5 stars

“What a beautiful reminder of the power of love. Great story!” Adam D., 5 stars

Download your free copy: Smashwords, Barnes and Noble

The Willmakers
His first completed novel, a mixture of mainstream/history/inspirational fiction, THE WILLMAKERS, is a story that reflects God’s grace and the value that he places on each one of us and how he uses our imperfections to further his will.

Kent’s talent for creating realistic characters is evident in The Willmakers. Each character is remniscent of the period, whether good or evil. This book appeals to readers who love a good, dramatic story; appreciate history in the front and backstory;  and want to see realistic stories where inspiration and the end result do not come easy. This story is packed with love, fear, dedication, compassion, and -at times- dispair.

The Willmakers is currently available for consideration. In the meantime, we believe prospective readers will enjoy reading about the history of the Natchez Trace, the deadly highway men, and those involved in the period in which The Willmakers is set. In an ongoing series of blog posts, we reveal the truth behind the fiction in The Willmakers and will include Q&A sessions with author, Kent Breazeale.

The Mind of Payne (WIP)
Kent is currently writing a second novel about a young psychologically ill boy by the name of Payne Isaac entitled THE MIND OF PAYNE.

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