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Update: RWHI is not accepting new submis

Update: RWHI is not accepting new submissions at this time.

It’s officially ready; An Agent’s Point of View

After a mental wrestling match with the autovetter, it seems that I passed the final review (translates to no errors) and An Agent’s Point of View went live on Smashwords yesterday.

I watched and browsed other authors and agents before deciding to give Smashwords a try. So far, I’m liking what I see. I’ll definitely keep you posted as time progresses.AAPOV_2012_Cover

As for An Agent’s Point of View, readers (targeted to writers, new and published) can get a brief, inside look at the author-agent relationship while learning what to (and not to) do when dealing with agents (and editors).

I like the brevity of my book and certainly have plans for an extended version possibly for next year. I want this book to be my voice (my Southern drawl doesn’t’ come through, however!) and to give readers the feeling that they are engaged in a conversation with me. If you have ever watched crime drama The Closer on TNT (you know…they know drama!), imagine Brenda Leigh Johnson’s (played by Kyra Sedgwick) drawl coming from this agent’s mouth. Well, maybe toned down just a tad! There could be a subconscious connection since Brenda and I have the same middle name. Who knows. Anyway, my voice is there. Readers can discern the rest!

Go on now. I’m done! Go get your copy. I have some calls to make and I need to stay on schedule. You know, that whole practice-what-you-preach thing.

Rethinking Friday the 13th

I’ve never been superstitious (part from the occasional air cross sign when seeing a black cat dart in front of the car…you know…just in case) nor have I paid much creed to the whole eeriness or back luck of Friday the 13th. Well, that is, until today.

I am beginning to rethink the whole stigma just as tad.

Let me rewind the tape of the day.

I started enjoying my day working from my home office. The brightness and crisp smell of the unseasonably warm Mississippi spring day gave me a motivating boost. My grandson (3 years) is with me today. Spending time with my favorite little person while working with some amazing people –who wouldn’t love it?

I am in the middle of work. My mind is enthralled with a new novel I am now blessed to be representing. My train of thought jumps the track when the Umi City rocket ship enters my office. The young pilot is also carry an old walking cane that transforms him into a wizard and me into what-ever-it-was-he-said-I-am-now! How cute! I take my lumps from his newly casted spell and he returns to Team Umizoomi.

It’s okay. I needed to refill my coffee anyway.

I take a phone call, or three. I get busy and then remember… my coffee. Where’s my cup? I’ve been drinking out of that cup all day. You know. The cute blue one. It has Smashwords printed on it. The one that came in the promo package. Yeah, that’s the one. I cannot find it anywhere. Oh…yep. Now I remember. I warmed my coffee in the microwave. Silly me!

I settle back at my desk and I hear it. “I need help!” I go to see what my little man needs. As any proud Gran Gran would, I help him after he has went t-t in the potty all by himself. Good job!

I take another call and my little man settles to engage in an adventure with Mike the Knight. I sit back in my chair. “Gran Gran! My pants! Graaannnn Graaaan!”

Hmmm. The little man has now gone “horrible” by himself. Yes, I am still proud, but there’s no way I am excited about being a part of the clean up crew. Thank God I caught him before his pants were all the way up.

The next couple of hours are quiet and productive. Only the occasion sweep-through for a quick hug and an “I love you, too!”. Precious angel!

It really has been quiet. Too quiet.

I get up to investigate.

Apparently, the little man is really into this new independence thing. He didn’t quite make it to the potty this time and tried to change without me knowing. As a typical three-year-old who is easily distracted by new and interesting things, he did a lot more than just try to change his own clothes.

It seems that if you wet an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and then pinch of chunks of the wet mess, it is totally fun to throw. I almost fell out cold when I walked in the room to see wet blotches all over the floor and walls.

I am cleaning up the art work. He is standing there, his expression is part scared, part proud, and part hopeful mixed with suck-up! “Want help?”

Okay…I made it through. Nap time. Ahhh!

Let’s see how the rest of this Friday the 13th goes. I’ll let you know later; I have to take another call!


Red Writing Hood Ink is a full service literary agency. We represent some of the industry’s most talented fiction and nonfiction writers.

A word is dead when it’s said, some say. I say it begins to live that day. ~Emily Dickinson, 1872

What we do…
RWHI does much more than pitch and sell for our authors. As a full service literary agency, we work with authors from the day we receive the initial query and, hopefully, for many years to come. We work to cultivate long, lasting relationships where our efforts and focus include helping our authors with marketing and promotion before and long after their work is in print.

We help our authors build their platform through various efforts including social media, setting up interviews, and serving as both a direct and indirect liaison. We believe in teamwork and believe that a team is only as effective as its members. As such, RWHI serves as literary representatives, but we operate more like a family where consideration and dedication are integral elements of our services.

Although we are a small agency, we have cultivated strong industry relationships with publishers large and small. We are proud to say that our reputation in the film industry is also growing.

What are our interests?
Our tastes are eclectic and include MG, YA, NA, women’s fiction, adult horror, thrillers, mystery, paranormal and supernatural, crime fiction, true crime, and inspirational fiction. We are not actively seeking nonfiction but will consider a short query.  We rarely consider children’s books for younger than MG or memoirs unless there is a strong media or organizational tie-in. We do not accept poetry at all. Of course, we do not discourage authors from sending a query for something not listed here.

We are dedicated to our clients’ success!

RWHI adheres to the AAR Canon of Ethics.