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Kim Welborn, Christian Taylor’s Bloodline

Working at McGraw-Hill is different from the types of publishers we seek for Kim’s new novel, but Kim is able to draw from her experience in the industry, especially her understanding and access to promotion resources, to make her work the best it can be.

Christian Taylor’s Bloodline is modern day YA mystery/fantasy novel in which seventeen-year-old Christian Taylor finds out that he is a descendent of Jesus and with this knowledge comes unique powers, perilous risks, and the spark of a supernatural battle between good and evil. Bloodline is the first title in a series of Christian Taylor titles.

Look for samples coming soon!

Shyla Lukens, Just Payin the Rent

I am excited to be working with Shyla in pitching Just Payin the Rent, a chick lit mystery sprinkled with humor and quirky cast of characters.

Jessie Billows works as a full time maintenance worker in her apartment complex.  The perk is she gets free rent; the downside is now there has been a murder. Filled with lively tenants, a British Detective, her best friend Trish, and the hot shop owner Eddie, Jessie is sure to find herself in the middle of an adventure. 

Shyla’s debut novel, Enraptured, will be released soon. Keep up with the progress at Solstice Publishing.

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